Our Services Continue and Expand in COVID-19 Response

May 8, 2020

Man washing dishes and wearing mask

As we face the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, Homeward Bound of Marin remains engaged in the mission that began 46 years ago to provide support and shelter to families and individuals facing homelessness.

All shelter and housing programs remain open, while our team has adopted different ways of holding meetings, providing new resources to residents and filling extra needs to support health, hygiene and meals. Here are some of the ways that we’re stretching to extend essential services:

  • Family support: Seventeen families who lived in their vehicles until recently now are sheltering in a local motel with county support. Our staff has become the support connection for these families, providing diapers, wipes, baby food and formula, and other items they need.
  • Rent waivers: Families and individuals already living in our programs have been shaken by the effects of COVID-19. Recognizing their precarious straits, Homeward Bound has waived rents entirely for families this month and cut rent in half for single adults.
  • More meals: As residents stay safely inside, our culinary team has been preparing three times as many meals to keep everyone healthy and nourished. We also provide grocery boxes to help struggling families and individuals in our supportive housing services.

Thanks to many volunteers who have stepped forward to lighten the workload. While we’re unable to accommodate on-site helpers, our talented volunteer corps has contributed greatly to help bridge gaps and ease hardship. To help with our efforts, see our Donate page.

We’ve received hundreds of homemade face masks, enabling us to equip staff and the 500+ residents in our programs. We’re extemely thankful for these gifts, especially as the community begins to reopen parks and businesses.

We’re grateful to walk side-by-side with strong community partners and deeply appreciate the encouragement from our supporters. Homeward Bound takes heart working with all of you now and forging ahead in the future to end homelessness.