Wagster Treats, the premium dog biscuits made in our kitchen, have given us something to wag about during the virus emergency.

Now there’s a new way to support this growing social enterprise, which employs homeless and low-income adults to bake and pack these all natural treats with care. Wagster Treats hit the shelves last month at Whole Foods Markets in Northern California and you can help us make the most of this opportunity!

Wagster Treats has set a goal to sell at least one bag per week at each Whole Foods Market in Northern California. Please share this news with your dog-loving friends in other communities to help our dream come true.

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on other social enterprises like The Key Room, our on-site event venue, and our celebrity chef dinners. Dog lovers who add our “life-changing treats” to their bags at Whole Foods Market will support our shelter, housing and training programs and allow us to expand employment as sales rise.

Wagster Treats began with sales in local farmers markets, then expanded to retailers in 2016. Online sales started soon afterward and we shipped last year to 10 states!

To keep up with news about Wagster, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Our team appreciates the “pawsome” support!