Kenny O. Tells Story of Success in New Video

June 21, 2018

Kenny's Story - Video Tells About Journey Out of Homelessness

Kenny O., who recently moved from our Next Key Apartments, tells his story of success in our newest video. He made use of Homeward Bound services to transform his life and become a valued employee at a local business after years of homelessness.

Now the shop manager for Treemasters in San Rafael, Kenny oversees 37 vehicles and 500 pieces of diesel equipment for crews that work around the North Bay. He clocks well over 40 hours per week, drives a company vehicle and recently became a renter in Central Marin.

Life has transformed completely since 2015, when he came to Homeward Bound with a history of drug abuse and nowhere to go.

“I was traveling with a backpack and a mountain bike, sleeping outside, even when it was raining,” he says. “I was trying to figure out how to fix it.”

Growing up in California’s lumber country, Kenny learned to use and maintain tools in his father’s workshop. With support in our programs, he committed to sobriety and retooled his future using those early skills.

“I love this whole organization. Without these opportunities, I don’t know where I’d be,” he says. To see more stories about the journey out of homelessness, please visit our YouTube channel.