Video Shares Mary’s Journey Home to La Casa Buena

April 26, 2023

Woman with gray hair and glasses smiles at camera. She is wearing gray and black T-shirt.

When Mary gathered the courage to end an abusive relationship, she had nowhere to go except her car. She shares her journey home in our new video, “Mary’s Story.”

“I was scared in that car. And it gets scarier and harder as you get older,” she says. “In the car, it was just incomparable demoralization.”

When Mary’s spirits and her resources hit a low point, she contacted Homeward Bound of Marin. Our staff welcomed her into our shelter, then helped her apply for a space at La Casa Buena, our newly opened supportive housing program.

We’re now celebrating the first birthday for La Casa Buena, a former motel in Corte Madera renovated to become 18 apartments. Our staff provides onsite support for residents aged 20 to 78 years old.

Like Mary, who spent four years without housing, everyone at La Casa Buena has found a home with your support. “I can finally work on getting my health issues all squared away. I’m excited every day that I wake up and I’m in my own little spot,” she says.

We’re grateful to community volunteers who have embraced La Casa Buena in its first year. Girl Scouts decorated a tree at the holidays, a congregation signed up to bring a monthly brunch and neighbors organized a social hour with fresh cookies. The program truly has lived up to its name to become a good home!